An Interview with Sarah Spier

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Listen to Sarah’s remarkable story of recovery, going to the bottom of bottoms only to come through the other side to an uplifting life devoted to being a leader in service of others suffering from addictions.

Sarah’s Bio:

Sarah went from Hollywood to heroin all by the age of 22. Before her addiction she worked in Films in Los Angeles, she was able to work with the Coen Brothers, Josh Brolin, and a host of other celebrities and directors. In between films she was a world traveler and ran an international non-profit that she started in Tanzania, Africa. Everything changed the day she decided to give this all up for “love” she was introduced to heavy drugs and quickly progressed to becoming an IV heroin and cocaine addict. She almost lost her life due to a suicide attempt to escape her addiction because she had lost all hope of ever recovering. She ended up in a comatose-stoke-like state, was diagnosed with hepatitis C and myriad of health complications. Despite all the odds she found the will and the drive to fight for her life.

At 23, after a yearlong treatment program, she moved to Spokane WA to start her second chance at life and to share her story with others. She enrolled in Eastern Washington University and received degrees in International Political Science with a focus on socio-economic development; her research was on the heroin and opioid drug treatment system around the world, as well as a minor in cultural Anthropology with a focus on drug populations. She graduated as a Carper Scholar and Magna Cum Laude. Today, Sarah is a certified professional recovery coach (CPRC), a certified family support coach and a certified professional coach (CPC). She puts these skills along with her education to work as a consultant to recovery organizations and has helped non-profits reorganize their businesses, structure and services and develop and implement programs including programs for sober living houses.

Sarah is currently the Development & Outreach Manager for Washington State’s largest adolescent treatment facility: Daybreak Youth Services. She works tirelessly to support young girls at Daybreak who were once in the same situation that she was in, hopeless addicted, and lost. She believes that everyone deserves a chance to recover; this is her driving passion behind her work at Daybreak Youth Services. Her goal is to help Daybreak build an innovative transitional living boarding school for Spokane’s most vulnerable population. In her spare time, she sits on five different coalitions and sub committees focused on opioid addiction, youth homelessness, and youth addiction. She also donates her time as a mentor and life coach to other struggling youth in Spokane.

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