An Interview with Erik Rock

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Vitality. Passion. Mentorship. Success. Purpose. Creativity… Each of these words captures something that Erik Rock lives and embodies in everyday life.

There is no better way to learn what it is to lead a successful and meaningful life than simply being around people operating at a high level, in multiple domains. Something is transmitted to the listener – you pick things up at multiple levels. Our long form interview with Erik Rock embodies that truth; what Erik says and what he is in the world is sure to enkindle things in the listener, and inspire them to recalibrate and pursue what they find most meaningful.

Erik’s Bio:

Erik Rock is a 34 year old American Entrepreneur that owns and operates Consign Furniture LLC in Liberty Lake Washington, CDA Idaho, Reno Nevada, and Boise Idaho with his father and brother. The company was founded in 2008 by his Father Alan Rock. In 2018 he started Consign Jewelry LLC as well as ROCK PRODUCTIONS LOL. Erik is also a real estate investor, Owning a holdings company, 3 Rock’s LLC. Motivational Speaking and mentorship is something Erik is very proud of. FB:

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