Meaningful Conversations

The 'Heroic with Matt Laughlin' podcast is a long form conversation hosted by Matt Laughlin, interviewing guests about their experiences of overcoming hardship, tragedy, and loss, and/or realizing their potential in the face of adversity.

The vision of the podcast is to uplift and inspire listeners in their own pursuits to live a meaningful life, fulfill their potential, and bring forth the necessary courage, love, faith, or practical wisdom needed to transcend and endure life's inevitable obstacles.

In a spirit of goodwill and discovery, we interview guests across multiple domains of life experiences and perspectives with the aim of illuminating powerful stories and ideas that might benefit our listeners.


About me and my podcast

I am a husband and father of 2 boys (soon to be 3!) living in a lake town in the Northwestern U.S.

In this podcast I draw on my previous career as a licensed professional counselor, my current work producing specialty, niche publications, as well as my experience coaching other business owners in my industry.

Ultimately the drive behind this podcast is my own inner commitment to fulfill my potential and also do my small part to create a vehicle that might contribute to the upliftment of others and the diminishment of suffering.